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Modules 2018/2019

COMP7004 - CyberEthics
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Topics include: CuberEthics vs. General Ethics, Sources of Law & Ethics, The Trolley Problem, logical arguments, Codes of Ethics, Professional erthics case studies, Privacy, net enutrality, digital divide, digital image ethics, data protection, intellectual property
SOFT7008 - Server-Side Programming
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HTML (basics), PHP, MySQL

Past (and future) Modules

COMP9039 - Security Management and Law
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I am teach just the Law portion of this module. Topics include: Contract law. Forming contracts online. Intellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets, Database Right), Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), CyberCrime, Privacy, data Protection, general Data Protection regulation (GDPR)
SOFT6013 - Procedural Programming
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This intorduction to programming is offfered tostudents on the M.A./ Music & Technology. Students learn to program using Processing
LEGS8007 - Intellectual Property Law
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Copyright, DataBase Right, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets, Patents
COMP6021 - Media Data Formats
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Storing text. ASCII, Unicode, XML, HTML. Representing grey-scale images. Representing colour. Compression. JPEG, GIF, PNG. Video Compression. Block Matching
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I am always keen to hear how my former students are doing. Don't be shy.

Information for Students

If you are one of my students and you are looking for information about a class, you will most likely find what you are looking for on my blog.

About Me

I am a lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology. Cork is my home town. I grew up in Cork and studied Computer Science at UCC. After college I lived in Limerick, Dublin, California, Portugal, Waterford, and Georgia, before settling in Cork. I have been a lecturer at CIT since 2000. Since joining CIT I have taught a variety of courses, such as Compiler Theory, Programming, Media Data Formats, Computing Ethics, and Multimedia. Lately I teach mostly programming and Law. My interest in law is quite recent.

Academic Interests

I am very interested in learning technologies and over the past decade I have been experimenting with different ways of supporting student learning with online resources. I keep a blog for students where I post details of classes with (occasional) YouTube videos. I began recording classes in 2001 with a MiniDisc Recorder and posted them online as mp3s. Fortunately podcasting tools and YouTube have since made the process of posting classes online much simpler. I've realized over the years that the technology is the easy part of the puzzle, and that figuring out how the technology fits into the learning culture is the tricky part.

In 2014 completed a graduate course in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. This course was very interesting and I was required to think a lot about my teaching practice. Taking the course caused me to consider the ways technology influences how I teach. If you are interested, you can read some of those thoughts and ideas I developed for that course.

My Computer Science Master's thesis, way back in 1996, was on Video Compression Algorithms. My thesis detailed my research and experiments on Block Matching Algorithms for Motion Compensated Video Compression.

I am very interested crowd sourcing and prediction markets. A few years ago I ran an experimental prediction market to gauge the confidence levels of first-year students over the year. Students used play money to bet on pass rates and attendance rates for their modules. It was interesting to see exam and assessment milestones reflected in price shifts for futures contracts. I am hoping to develop this idea further, and to investigate other applications of prediction markets.

I am interested in the interface between technology and law. I recently completed a Masters (LLM) in Intellectual Property & e-Law. Some of the papers I wrote for for the course are available for download at SSRN. My thesis was on Moral Bars on Trade Mark Registration. I am hoping to start a PhD in Trade Mark Law soon. I am a Registered Trade Mark Agent and a European Trade Mark and Design Attorney.



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